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      Customers Speak

      We love to hear from you. Click here to email us with whatever you'd like to share – whether it’s feedback on our products, customer service, our website, or any other suggestions you may have. With customer permission, we feature select feedback on this page. Thank you for supporting eShakti! First Previous 1 2 3 4 5  ... Next Last 
      • Great experience. The only concern which I have mentioned once before is that my courier leaves my dresses on my porch in plain view of the street if I'm not home so I try to be home when I know it's going to be delivered. This is not always possible however. Otherwise, I love your garments.

        Eileen Mitchell
      • I decided to get a custom fit which was definitely the right choice. There were helpful explanations of how to measure yourself and I ended up getting a dress that fit amazingly. Normally I have to settle for too baggy in the waist or too tight in the butt/thighs. I look forward to finding another dress on eShakti and knowing it will fit me. Also, I got 2 masks in my shipment which I appreciated immensely.

        Carrie Walsh
      • What a surprise to find two cloth masks in the package! What a delightful, thoughtful addition. Thank you! They fit well and are comfortable and I will put them to good use! I have always been pleased with my eShakti purchases.

        Grace Vibbert , OH
      • I have never had any problem with any thing I have ordered. Received timely even during the pandemic. Good quality material and I like the fact that you can adjust the outfit especially in the length. Will order again.

        Nancy Watson , WI
      • It was a pleasant experience buying from eShakti. I had originally placed my order back in March, before quarantine began in my country. Once it began, I didn’t know if I was going to receive my order. But after receiving updates from eShakti employees, and knowing that eShakti was working hard to help provide PPE to essential workers, I was happy to wait for my comparatively nonessential dress. Suddenly I was getting emails updating me saying that my order was on it’s way! Within days it arrived, and it is wonderfully crafted. Thank you to everyone working hard at eShakti, and keep up the great work! Stay safe and healthy!

        Hannah Diehl
      • eShakti is, simply put, the best! I love my clothes, I love dressing up in them, I love the compliments, and I love how I confident and attractive I feel when I am wearing them. And that is all due to eShakti's attention to detail, to its high standards of quality, and its absolutely unique concept of personalizing the clothes in size and style. eShakti = The Best!

        Dorothea Parrish , PA
      • As always you guys were great!! And thank you so much for the masks!! Your masks are my new favorite!!

        Amber Brock
      • I have bought a number of dresses from eShakti and am very impressed with the quality of each one. They are classic garments that will last for many years. I have had great experiences with eShakti, from very quick responses to emails, to very rapid production and delivery of my item. The only thing that is a concern for me is that delivery of my item is made by leaving my dress on my doorstep in view of the street where it could be stolen. I understand that this is more of a courier issue, but it is important that you know. It is not a good practice to leave unattended items on door steps. I would much rather pick it up from the courier if I'm not home to receive it. Otherwise, great service at eShakti.

        Eileen Mitchell
      • Very good communication about delays in production. Excellent quality dress. Beautiful workmanship. Perfect fit. Very impressed. Anyone wanting a personal tailor who does an accurate custom fit garment should definitely order from eShakti. The level of luxury is far beyond anything else I have ordered online.

        Julie Knetsch , ON
      • I have been very happy with my eShakti purchases and I love the custom option. It is hard for me to find dresses that fit in stores so the custom option is wonderful.

        Renee Morehart , OH
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